Dollar Tree Tiled Mirror Project

This has been a project I’ve wanted to create ever since I saw the post on “PB Inspired Mirror” I headed to my local dollar tree yesterday and grabbed 9 of the same identical mirror. I must have just caught them on a new shipment because I swear that never happens. Anyways, using my dollar store duct tape I finally got to work. I taped like crazy lining things up just right to make sure it came out as perfect as it could.


  • 9 Mirrors that are identical. (I grabbed 9 from my local Dollar Tree.)
  • Duct Tape (really durable, don’t cheap out!)
  • Foam Board (cut to size)

The Pros:

Looks elegant for under $10. Give or takes a couple bucks depending on how much the duct tape cost.
Was fairly simple to create. I was happy to finally try this! Simple, easy and looks really nice!

The Cons:

Finding a backing. You need to find something really sturdy to keep it from bending. You need to find something to install on the back so you can hang it. I used cardboard from a box for the backing only to realize that it wasn’t sturdy enough. I got to get some foam board or something really durable to put behind it.


I really enjoyed this. I was so glad I could finally get it done. I need to get this installed in my hallway or bedroom. So cute. I certainly recommend to try making one of these. It’s also perfect for a mantle above a fire place.


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