Our Trip to Sam’s Club

We had so much fun at our local Sam’s Club yesterday! While I admit I’m new into this filming for Youtube thing, I’m getting the hang of it! We found some really good deals during our shopping trip too! We walked away with a Carter’s Little Flamingo Costume for only $4.81! We got the last 18 month one for her. There were already tons of Holiday decorations and kids presents available. I am going back so I can get another video on the holiday items that are available.

We’ve been Sam’s Club members now for over 5 years and love their awesome deals. This post was not sponsored by Sam’s Club and I am in no way affiliated with them. I wanted to creative a video on our shopping trip and make a part 2 to this video. Filming my first video was really akward! Having people all around you stare while you film with a huge camera is a bit unnerving but you get used to it eventually.


Makayla’s Adorable Costume this Halloween

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