Savor The Modern Baby Keepsake Box

slide-2-imageParents have childhood treasures they want to keep, but feel guilty they don’t have a system to protect or organize them. The company’s two product lines—The Library: Baby Keepsake Box and The Library: School Years Keepsake Box, not only make it easy to store memories without chaos, but compliment home décor and are the antidote to that plastic bin at the top of the closet and that unfilled baby book. The thoughtful, stylish boxes make organizing mementos engaging and fun—as it should be!

The first lost tooth.  The outfit she wore home from the hospital.  The blankie that soothed her. These cherished keepsakes tell the stories of our children’s lives, and they deserve a home as special as they are.  Disguised as museum-quality books, these “limited editions” provide acid-free drawers, illustrated labels, vertical files, and even mini envelopes to keep milestone mementos.  Savor’s The Library: Baby Edition makes saving and preserving family memories easy, so you can pass them down when kids leave the nest or have children of their own.  Childhood is fleeting, but the mementos last forever.


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